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Hitachi Medical Systems Singapore

Müşteri Desteği

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Our support philosophy is to provide an efficient and reliable service support to the most advanced medical equipment through a network of highly trained service personnel working around the clock to provide a very high uptime for the installed equipment.

Our distributor network in South East Asia, SAARC and ANZ ensures that all the safety aspects and specifications of the equipment are regularly checked through preventive maintenance service on the equipment. A higher level of service support is available at the Singapore office ensuring prompt service in line with comprehensive quality standards.

A very effective training program for the service personnel ensures a smooth transition of work from the planning stage to the implementation with quality checks at every stage of the process.

In addition to maintaining the system to the required specifications, we deliver continuous applications training and technical support. The support also includes regular software updates and hardware modifications to ensure that the system is in line with the state of the art technology. A stock of essential spares ensures prompt replacement with minimum downtime.

At HMSS we are striving 'Towards Total Customer Satisfaction'.

Installation Service

Installation Service

Hitachi provides an efficient and reliable installation service. The entire setup process is streamlined from site selection to commission to assure your final installation will meet all electrical and environmental requirements.

Our service department provides construction assistance through creation initial site planning drawing that can be used by your architect as a basis for overall design.

A qualified member of your Hitachi service team will be assigned to your project to facilitate a smooth delivery. Supported by our regional technical service team, your system will be calibrated to meet performance specification.

Maintenance Program

Maintenance Program

At Hitachi, we provide support for you to keep your system operating optimally. This means you can assured of continuous assistance and highest uptime.

Hitachi has a robust Müşteri Desteği system, Sentinel. Sentinel is a system which continuously monitors the operational status of your system. The system is able to detect problems and notifying email is sent to the service staff to prompt appropriate actions.

With our Hitachi trained service engineers, you can be assured that your system performance will be maintained with quick problem identification and resolution, application software updates and prompt preventative maintenance. In this way, your system can be kept available and optimized.

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